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Children of all ages need effective dental care to ensure their teeth develop correctly, and to learn great dental hygiene habits to last a lifetime. The dental experts at Warner Plaza Dental Group in Woodland Hills, California, offer expert childrens dental care and cater to special needs children. If you’re looking for a kind and gentle dentist who will make your child feel comfortable and confident about going to the dentist, call Warner Plaza Dental Group or schedule a consultation online today.

Kids Dentist Q & A

What does children's dentistry entail?

Children's dentistry focuses on the dental health and development of young children and adolescents. Dr. Kolahi understands the needs and concerns of children and in her playful manner communicates with them through singing, making noises and faces.

It’s also common for children to experience higher levels of anxiety about dental visits. Dr. Kolahi helps her young patients feel comfortable and confident in the chair.

At Warner Plaza Dental Group, education is an important part of children's oral health. The dental team teaches children about their teeth, how to take care of them, and why it’s so important to brush and floss. The dentists provide customized care, accommodating each young patient’s needs to ensure their comfort and dental health.

How are children’s dental needs different than adults’?

In addition to teaching children good oral hygiene practices and providing preventive care, our team at Warner Plaza Dental Group assess the development of your child’s teeth and jaw. We provide guidance on whether your child may need orthodontic treatment to correct alignment or malocclusion (bite) issues.

At what age should I start to take my child to the dentist?

Our dental team at Warner Plaza Dental Group treats children of all ages. The American Dental Association recommends that children start to see the dentist around the time that their first teeth erupt, which is usually around the age of six to seven months.

Why should I take my child to a dentist?

Children have different dental needs than adults and go through several stages of development. Our team at Warner Plaza Dental Group are knowledgeable and passionate to help your children learn the best dental hygiene habits while monitoring their development. Dr. Kolahi is also experienced in working with children to make sure they are confident in the dental chair. She helps them develop good oral hygiene habits and long-lasting relationships with their dentist to last throughout their lives.

If you’re looking for a dental team to provide a gentle and thorough service while ensuring the comfort and security of your child, make an appointment at Warner Plaza Dental Group today. Call or book a consultation online.