Orthodontics (definition)

The treatment of irregularities in alignment and occlusion of teeth and growth of the jaws.

Treatment of misaligned and overlapping teeth—(Malocclusion)

The best time to diagnose, plan, and correct misaligned, overlapping and crowded teeth and jaws is during childhood.  It is preferred for parents to obtain an orthodontic consultation before age 7 to assess the causes of the child’s malocclusion.

Interceptive Orthodontics

Interceptive Orthodontics also known as phase 1 orthodontics is very important and helpful for correcting malocclusion and Jaw relations.  During early childhood an orthodontist can assess jaw relations and utilize appliances that help the growth rate and growth direction of upper and lower jaws. 


There are several methods of correcting malocclusion (overlapping, misaligned, and crowding):

  1. Interceptive Orthodontics

    Interceptive Orthodontics to treat and by early intervention prevent severity of malocclusion and jaw growth discrepancies before a child enters late teen years and adulthood.

  2. Traditional Braces

    Traditional Braces requiring metallic bands, brackets, wires, and elastics, today there are more esthetic options of clear, ceramic brackets and clear wires available, however an orthodontist needs to evaluate and decide on the type of appliance needed to be used for a patient to correct their specific orthodontic problems. 

  3. Invisalign

    Invisalign, is a clear tray form appliance that has been developed to correct mild – moderate malocclusion.  Our advice is to obtain a consultation from your dentist or orthodontist to assess the complexity of your malocclusion and whether you are a favorable candidate for invisalign.  

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