Children Dentistry

Fillings- our office is amalgam (silver+mercury) free dental , children’s teeth are filled with composite (tooth colored) fillings. Because composites are bonded to the tooth it allows us to be more conservative in cavity preparation.

Pulpotomy- because of the anatomy of children’s teeth even with a small decay bacteria can gain access to the nerve and cause inflammation and infection (abscess). Pulpotomy is the removal of the nerve in the crown portion (pulp chamber) of the tooth by the dentist. A special cleaner and medication is applied to the area and the tooth is usually restored by a stainless steel crown(SSC) or filled depending to the size of the decay or the strength of the tooth after the decay is removed.

Space maintainer- When a tooth is removed and the permanent tooth has not erupted a space maintainer is place on the adjacent teeth to keep the space from closing, or the teeth from shifting. This procedure is very important if the space is closed the permanent tooth will erupt from a location that is not ideal and cause misalignment , crowding, and skeletal disharmony.

Sealants- to prevent development of decay in deep grooves of teeth a liquid resin is applied, light cured, and bonded to these areas. This is an excellent procedure for children since their oral hygiene is still developing and they may leave plaque and debris left on their teeth after brushing. This is a simple, pain free treatment with great result , and are ideal for children.

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